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We provide Etiquette training on a one to one or group sessions.

Grades: Grades 6-12

Cost: $95.00 (Includes an Etiquette Tips for Youth T-shirt and a certificate of


"Violations of etiquette, if severe, can cause public disgrace, and in private hurt individual feelings, create misunderstandings or real grief and pain, and can even escalate into murderous rage. " Source Wikipedia.


Sponsor A Youth

Your sponsorship of $95.00 enables a youth to become empowered with etiquette skills which will further advance their life. You will also be helping to provide them with an official T-shirt uniform.


Two ways to sponsor:

1. Sponsor one or more youths for $95.00 each.

2. Help sponsor by purchasing an Etiquette Tips for Youth T-Shirt   

    for $28.00.

Sponsor a youth and demonstrate your support and generosity and receive your name placed on the sponsored youth's certificate.

(If you do not wish for your name to be placed on the certificate, send us an email indicating so.)

Etiquette Tips For Youths


Etiquette Tips

  • Communication techniques

  • Table manners

  • Cell Phone etiquette

  • Social etiquette

  • Job interview preparation

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