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Food Distribution
Need Help with Food?

Earths Keepers has been providing the community  with fresh food during the COVID-19 pandemic. We've been bringing in a massive amount of truck loads of food to those in need as we refuse to allow a hunger epidemic to occur in our city. 

The faces of hunger may surprise you. They may be a co-worker, your child’s friend, or the grandparent living next door. What started out as just being a summer food pantry, expanded into a year-round community food service, with the help of our urban farm and generous food donors.

Now, we are continuing our stand against hunger in the midst of the current pandemic as we bring a massive amount of food to our community.


Many families are struggling to make ends meet which can put on unnecessary strain. Residents may be forced to live under the same roof or families will often group together to try to lesson this burden.


Children who are not getting their nutritional needs met have serious additional problems that affect their lives. Chronic malnutrition can lead to an increased risk of sickness, ultimately affecting their ability to perform physically and mentally in school. Children under 5 could have developmental delays that stay with them throughout their lives.


Some seniors living at the poverty level who have worked their entire lives are struggling to put food on the table.



Together we can make a difference! With your support, families will gain access to higher-quality nutritional value food and hope for a better future.



Senior Citizens

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