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  • Assisting community participation: We actively support neighborhood leaders, residents, and indigenous people in their involvement in planning and executing community improvement activities. By fostering participation, we ensure that initiatives are driven by the community's needs and aspirations.

  • Promoting food sovereignty through farming: We utilize farming as a means to address, educate, coordinate, and provide knowledge to youth and their families about the rights of all people in relation to food sovereignty. Our focus lies in cultivating healthy organic foods, such as fruits and vegetables, while imparting valuable information on sustainable agricultural practices.

  • Empowering the community through education: We prioritize teaching and empowering the community to search for and be aware of available assistance opportunities. This includes initiatives centered around creating home ownership prospects, promoting rehabilitation programs, facilitating housing development and rehabilitation, as well as providing guidance on zoning regulations and effective housing management.

  • Implementing open space and economic development projects: As part of our commitment to community improvement, we actively initiate and support open space projects. By creating accessible spaces for recreational activities and communal gatherings, we contribute to the overall well-being and connectivity of the community. Additionally, we drive economic development by initiating projects that stimulate sustainable growth and prosperity.

  • Providing agricultural education and entrepreneurship training: We place significant emphasis on equipping students within the Lenapehoking community currently called Southwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as well as indigenous students within the broader Lenapehoking Territory of North America and internationally. Through comprehensive agricultural education and entrepreneurship training, we empower students with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to their communities' growth and development.


In summary, our professional methods encompass assisting community participation, promoting food sovereignty through farming, empowering the community through education, implementing open space and economic development projects, and providing comprehensive agricultural education and entrepreneurship training. Through these approaches, we strive to create lasting positive change and empower communities to thrive.

Our Methods

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